Friday, August 30, 2013

Ne Plus Ultra (hyaline - the last part)

IMG_040422 copy
IMG_040222 copy2
IMG_038122 copy
IMG_038422 copy IMG_038622 copy IMG_039022 copy Don't mind the bayot (gay) sign at the back HAHA! IMG_039422 copy IMG_039722 copy muew IMG_043522 copy mewo IMG_045922 copy IMG_046122 copy Photos by: Chang Obar Macalam 

Blue Sky the widest, deepest, most ephemeral ocean
You set my soul sailing on pacific emotion
Your glad tide sweeps away my most plaintive notion

Blue Sky, Blue Sky, when I gaze into you
I fall under the spell of your azure hue
Until everything old and familiar seems new
And I remember where awe and wonder once grew

Friday, August 09, 2013

CELESTIAL BODIES (hyaline part 4)

gsggsgcollage IMG_03572 IMG_03612IMG_03702 IMG_03712IMG_03752 IMG_03762 IMG_03772flower crown made by me >u< . Photos by: Chang Obar Macalam